To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Breaktime Means Line Up For SFIV Oh man, Street Fighter IV at an arcade? I am so bitter. I wish we had an arcade here in the U.S. with the forethought or buying power to get the machine imported. As it stands the only places you're going to be able to play the game outside of a console are at specialty stores that just pay cash to import the thing themselves. Worse still, they aren't yet selling the board on its own, so it's going to be a bundle to do that. I hope you popped a few coins down on the machine and had a go. What you missed: Mortal Kombat 9 Planned As A Mature Return To Form Game Club: Beyond Good & Evil The Final Assignment Porn Starlet Tera Patrick Joins Saint's Row 2 Sega Can't Find The Source Code For Your Favorite Old School Arcade Games First 4 Figures Does Ryu Hayabusa Right Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows Impressions NECA Pimps Gaming Toy Line Up At Comic-Con Green Lantern, Joker Join MK Vs. DC Universe Line Up Michael Ironside's Splinter Cell Role, Game's Script Still Up In the Air Prince Of Persia Creator "Delighted" By Film Casting