Street Fighter IV Getting Five More Characters, One Never Seen Before

Illustration for article titled emStreet Fighter IV/em Getting Five More Characters, One Never Seen Before

From EVO 2013 comes news that Street Fighter IV's next update will deliver four new characters—and a fifth never before seen in the series.


Rolento, Elena, Hugo and Poison will join the roster, plus an unnanounced fifth fighter. The characters, plus six stages and the usual complement of adjustments and balances, will come to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC for $15. This package will not release until early next year.


Rod Breslau of GameSpot first reported the new characters via Twitter, adding that Capcom will announce the name of the update and show a new trailer before the EVO finals tomorrow. (The update will not be called Street Fighter Arcade Edition V. 2013.)

[via Shoryuken]

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Who the fuck is Roberto? Seriously?