Street Fighter IV Dated (For Arcades...In Japan)

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Japanese readers, circle it on your calendars in your reddest pen. Anyone outside Japan with a few grand to blow, you've got a date to book your flights to Narita International. Because Capcom has announced that Street Fighter IV will be rolling out to Japanese arcades on July 18. That's less than a month! If you're not Japanese, hey, chin up, kid. Don't let it get you down. Because for Americans, it'll also be available to play at Comic-Con on July 24-27 (Europeans, you're already taken care of)


「稼働日発表!」 プロジェクトマネージャー:塩沢夏希 [SFIV Blog]

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Kinda curious if SFIV may even drop by PAX.

How about that? =D