Street Fighter IV Console Debut At Leipzig GC!

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Capcom's Street Fighter IV blog updated with news that the consumer console version of SFIV will be showing at the Leipzig Games Convention. This will be the first time that it has been shown publicly. The game's producer, Yoshinori Ono, will be on hand at the GC as well. Wonder if we'll see an exact release date and none of this guessing business. Hopefully either McWhertor or Fahey (or hey, maybe both) will get hands on with the title and let us know how it stacks up to the arcade version. Meanwhile, those of you who are impatiently waiting to play SFIV, this arcade machine tracker might be helpful. 「コンシューマー版、初出展!」 プロジェクトマネージャー:塩沢夏希 [Capcom Thanks, Josef!]

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@affenkopf: You obviously don't post much on German boards. What is done there to the German language far outdoes anything anybody ever did to English on English boards. ;)

@Mit: There are no standard controllers for any current console that are NOT horrible for 2D fighters - there haven't been such controllers since... the Saturn?