Street Fighter IV Coming To US Consoles 'This Winter' Says Yoshi Ono

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Street Fighter IV Arcade is like a bowl of cherries - only the bowl is only available in Japan and you have to pay $$$ to illegally import the cherries. Then you have to solder the cherries to, er, a different bowl and they may not work and, er, taste wrong. Look, just forget about the cherries! Soon, you will be able to play Street Fighter IV in the comfort of your own home and employ the soft fruit similes of your choice. Street Fighter IV producer Yoshi Ono has revealed in an X-Play interview that not only is the the console and PC version of the game coming very soon, it will also save money on your household energy bills.

"We don't want to start rumors that it's this year, but definitely this winter. At some point you'll be sitting in you winter coat looking at snow out the window…and right then we'll kind of heat you up a little with some hot street fighter action so look forward to that"


So, no firm date as yet but plenty of reason to start saving your pennies. 'Street Fighter IV' US Console Release "This Winter"



So, Capcom wants to actually make some money from the game, then? I'm pretty shocked there's going to be a PC version. I remember getting a PC version of SFII back in the 90s for PC, and playing with the keyboard was so unbelievably awful (mixed with horrible lag) and even my Gravis gamepad (remember those? they were the shit) didn't work well with the game.