Street Fighter IV Box Art: Which Is Worse?

Illustration for article titled Street Fighter IV Box Art: Which Is Worse?

Oh, come on Capcom - you can do better than this, surely? This dodgy diptych of box art features a slightly too muscular Chun Li (c'mon she may be a strong lass, but as drawn here she could throw shot at the Moscow Olympics) a Ryu who looks like he is trying to do long division in his head and typography that looks like the artist was doodling band logos during double geography. If you look closely, you will see that Ken is striking exactly the same pose (even down to the spray of mud at his heels) when fighting both Chun Li and Ryu at the bottom of their boxes. Ryu, incidentally, is demonstrating an ancient fighting technique, known in the East as Goatse Hadouken. [Thanks to MarkMan for the tip]


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could someone enlighten me on the whole Goatse Hadoken joke? I just dont get it :S

Also, I dont think the Chun Li one is bad. Not great but not bad. The Ryu one is indeed awful.