Street Fighter II HD Shatters Sales Records

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Capcom reveals that Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is well on its way to becoming the highest grossing digital title of all time, with 250,000 units purchased since the game's release.

In a post over at the Capcom Unity Blog, the company reveals that the redone version of everyone's favorite 2D fighter broke both day-one and week-one sales records, and could very well break 30-day sales records as well. They then go on to thank everyone who worked on the game, looked at the game, bought the game, and thought about the game in passing which waiting in line for a latte at their local coffee shop.

Not bad for a title that was very nearly cancelled.


Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix achieves record breaking sales! [Capcom Unity]

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glad this did well... i bought it day one on psn. maybe this will prompt capcom to release more 2d games. id love to see a 2d fighter from the ground up based on alvin lee's artwork. dude is the closest thing capcom has to akiman in this day and age (yeah i know he works for udon.. but udon might as well be "capcom lite").

id love to see a remake of the original street fighter done in alvin lees art style with a couple new characters and all the mysterious ones like geki, joe, retsu, and lee become playable. id buy it day one.