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Street Fighter Alpha Expert Destroys The Game's Cooperative Battle Mode By Himself

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Gif: Desk

Desk, one of the most creative and technically gifted combo video creators in the fighting game community, has outdone himself with his latest project. Controlling both Ryu and Ken in Street Fighter Alpha’s Dramatic Battle mode, using one hand for each character, he beats the snot out of devilish dictator M. Bison and defeats the two-player cooperative mode by himself.

In addition to regular versus and story modes, the Street Fighter Alpha series is unique in that it allows two players to team up via the Dramatic Battle mode to take on a computer-controlled opponent. While it would expand in future games, allowing players to use every character in the game, the mode’s first iteration in the original Street Fighter Alpha was limited to Ryu and Ken as an homage to their final fight with M. Bison in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie.

Unlike in the movie, however, M. Bison doesn’t even get a chance to breathe in Desk’s latest combo video. By combining the talents of both Shotokan masters, he delivers devastating attacks strings that keep the computer opponent locked down indefinitely. At various points, Ryu and Ken pin M. Bison between them, knocking him back and forth before ultimately finishing him off with a super attack. Desk even manages to fit some taunts in there for good measure.


The video is made even more impressive due to the fact Desk is playing two characters at the same time, with just one hand afforded to each. Plus, since there isn’t a training mode to practice these combos, Desk also had to learn how to deal with the artificial intelligence controlling M. Bison, which is known to be especially difficult in order to provide a challenge for two players.


According to Desk, it took him a week to put this all together, but he’s still ready to do it all over again in Street Fighter Alpha 3. In that game’s version of Dramatic Battle, players can pick any of its 30-plus characters, thus providing an enormous amount of possible combinations.


“It was fun but super frustrating at times,” Desk added in the video description. “Really happy I did it though, and I’m super satisfied with how the video turned out.”