Streaming 3D Movie Trailers Coming To A 3DS Near You

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Also revealed today during the Nintendo GDC 2011 keynote, the eStore for the North American 3DS is getting a service that streams 3D movie trailers to the handheld, along with video game trailers, screenshots, and website links for the hottest 3DS games.


Slated to be included in a software update following the system's launch in North America later this month, Nintendo describes this new features as a "short-form video service" which will give owners access to Hollywood movie trailers running in full 3D, giving viewers a taste of the 3D theater experience in the palm of their hand. The Green Lantern movie was mentioned specifically, but I'm sure they'll have good movies as well.

Other content slated for the service includes video game marketing materials and short video clips, including music videos and comedy shorts selected by Nintendo for inclusion in the service.


Is it wrong to be excited about seeing trailers for 3D movies in actual 3D?

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Instead of watching trailers in teeny weeny eyestrain-o-vision I think Ill just watch them on my pc.

This sounds more like a money maker for nintendo rather than them doing something for gamers. Even nintendo is feeling the money bug, it wasnt long ago nintendo wouldnt do internet or try to make their stuff multimedia because they wanted to stick to games. Now we have this and netflix on nintendo systems. Ps3 and 360 do multimedia better. But then again I dont care, call me crazy but I own game systems to play games on.