Streamer Wins Call Of Duty Warzone Gulag Match Using A Steering Wheel

A steering wheel is not the best device for playing Call of Duty, but YouTuber Noel Miller recently got some laughs as he tried to steer his way through the series’ battle royale, Warzone.


On Friday, Miller put on military fatigues, set up a steering wheel and went on Twitch to broadcast his experiment.

Once he dropped into the game, the wheel gave him the ability to “steer” his soldier around. But he lacked the controls to look around and aim. When Miller got into a vehicle, he was the perfect driver for his four-player squad. He dove into roleplay as an Uber driver, making small talk and trying to communicate pickup locations. His squadmates played along, asking him, “Hey, can you turn the music up and stop talking so much? And A/C on, please.”

Staying in the role of Uber driver, Miller shouted, “Coworker” when he saw another vehicle on the road. Miller quickly drove his team towards the enemy squad’s vehicle, running over one opponent in the process. The remaining enemy teammates quickly retaliated, and Miller was eliminated from his driver seat.

That death sent him straight to the Gulag, where players fight in a 1v1 Gunfight match to try to earn a respawn back into the match, otherwise it’s game over for the losers. The Gulag is where the hilarity ensued.

Without having proper controls for Warzone to aim and look around, Miller was left strafing side to side to try and see his opponent. He was quickly hit with his opponent’s stun grenade and pinned down in a corner on the left side of the map. He mostly got a lucky break, as his challenger ran right toward him and was able to fire fast enough to get the kill. Clearly shocked by his Gulag win, Miller doubled over his steering wheel with laughter and wiped tears from his eyes. Even his teammates were shocked, as he returned to the match.


Once he parachuted back into the fight, Miller jumped in the driver seat of the first vehicle he found.

Playing Call of Duty with a steering wheel probably won’t merit a lot of kills for anyone, but it could create some pretty hilarious moments. If you try this Warzone method, I hope your teammates are good sports about it. Maybe they’ll appreciate you for your driving skills.


Rayce Archer

Me, a nerd who used to have 3 different setups on my desk for different vehicles in Battlefield: “yeah, seems legit.”