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Streamer Transforms Super Mario World Into A Whole Other Game Just By Playing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Using an exploit allowing him to write processor instructions to Super Nintendo system memory, speedrunner and Minecraft builder extraordinaire Sethbling injected the code for mobile hit Flappy Bird into Super Mario World in under an hour.

(Video below will autoplay, sorry.)

This is not an emulator running code. The Super Nintendo was not modded. A multitap had to be used to allow multiple controllers to be connected, but otherwise this is just a stock Super NES running an unmodded copy of Super Mario World. Amazing.


Basically the whole process is an intricate extended glitch run. He glitched the game, extended the level timer to allow for extended play, created a bootloader to allow him to write code based on Mario’s movements, and then painstakingly entered 331 bytes of code (written by his cohort p4plus2) into system memory via a series of precise Mario movements. It’s a beautiful and beautiful and nerve-wracking process. Check out the relief on his face in the GIF above when it all comes together.

Watch the entire process unfold in the Twitch archive below.


And here’s an explanation video of how it was done:

Outstanding work, Mr. Bling.