Stoya, a winsome, altogether charming young lady who makes pornography for a living, guest edited our sister site Fleshbot this week, including a intriguing set of diaries from a recent jaunt to Japan. She takes in the usual sex tourism sight: the porn shops, maid cafés, and the love hotels.

While I expected her sexual sightseeing to fall within the bounds of "Hey, look, Japan is weird!"—that's often my response to Japan's quirky, unabashed sex culture—I shouldn't have sold her so short; all four entries are a treat. Stoya's a fine tour guide.


Do bear in mind that Fleshbot is absolutely soaked with hardcore sexual imagery, even in the ads—especially the ads—so if you click the link below, you should be both morally and professionally girded to see a little motion biology.

Stoya's Sex in Japan series [ (NSFW)]

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