Stormtroopers are completely ineffectual, but they look pretty hot. Gaming hardware maker Razer taps into that aesthetic with its Stormtrooper Collection, three pieces of Star Wars branded gaming gear. The mouse looks a little funky and the giant desk pad is more art than gaming surface, but that Blackwidow Lite keyboard is imperial hot.


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Lenny Valentin

I assume that these stormtrooper peripherals means you can’t hit the broadside of a barn at three paces using them, and they break just by looking at them.

Also, Razer, which isn’t terribly reassuring in of itself, including reliability and other things. Like, last time I checked, their driver software was actually corporate spyware in disguise (required mandatory registration for “cloud account” (it’s a fucking mouse, guys - who the shit needs a cloud account for a mouse), and leeched undisclosed data off of your system, shared with undisclosed “partners”.)