Stormrise: Real-Time Strategy From A Different Point Of View

A new trailer for The Creative Assembly's new real-time strategy game Stormrise shows off a dynamic camera system worthy of a blockbuster action title.

While I enjoy the odd real-time strategy title, I'm not a huge fan of the overhead perspective so many games in the genre employ. I like to feel a little more immersed, personally. It's why I loved the Kingdom Under Fire series on the Xbox 360, and why this new Stormrise trailer impresses the hell out of me. I'd like to think I was the type of general who stayed in the thick of things while his troops were battling mutant enemies in a post-apocalyptic setting.


Stormrise is due out next month from Sega for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.



Is there really that much of a demand for console RTS's out there? Or is this just a genere that hasn't been nailed yet on the console so everybody feels obligated to perfect it? Do these games sell massive amounts becuase there are so many console gamers who don't have the $$$ or what not for a pc to play RTS's on? Hmmm...

But for me, you can't beat Supreme Commander, tactical zoom and queing is everything, imo.