In the good ol' U.S. of A, we like to think that we get some high-class hacks and mods for our video games. Post-release programmers get people naked, transform games into dinosaur parks and throw nightmarish versions of Spider-Man into Skyrim.

But, the tweaks we get here are nothing compared to the batshit insanity available in video games being sold in Kenya.

Over at the Gameological Society, traveling writer Joe Keiser catalogs the completely unauthorized craziness on the shelves of a game store in Nairobi, with bizarre hacks of a Grand Theft Auto starring Kirk Douglas and another GTA set in Dubai. And there are rainbows:

Notice the liberal use of rainbows on this cover, which accurately depicts the childlike whimsy of both Saw and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the game this hack is based on. San Andreas is about the deep entrenchment of American gang culture in the early '90s, and Saw is about getting people to murder each other. So, rainbows.

The game itself is a mutation of San Andreas where the load screens and main character have been replaced with the Jigsaw puppet from Saw. It's the perfect game for the least discerning of Saw fans, which might be all of them.


These thrown-together hacks seem to be the work of an outfit called Syrian Games. And the greasy contents of each game are surpassed only by their gonzo packaging. Feast your eyes at even more WTF over at the Gameological Society. Try not to weep from joy.



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