Stop Playing Politics on Facebook and Start... Playing Politics on Facebook

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Rocket Surgeon's For the People: Fantasy Politics officially launches on Facebook on the early January swearing in day for new members of Congress. If you consider that a holiday, then you might want to be sworn into the open beta. Congressman Fahey reporting for duty!

For the People: Fantasy Politics casts players in the role of the fictional 436th member of the U.S. House of Representatives. They'll use cards to debate and negotiate bills and amendments, take meetings with special interest groups, and bug their friends to co-sponsor their legislation, just like real congressmen!

"While an extremely fun game that will appeal to a wide audience from political junky to casual Facebook user, For the People: Fantasy Politics has the potential to change the relationship between elected official and constituent," says Shel Mann, CEO and Founder of Rocket Surgeon. "We named the game ‘For the People' because we want it to be a platform through which people can express their views and help us shape future game design. This unique development model ensures that this game is truly representative of the will of the people."


What's nifty to me is that Rocket Surgeon uses the Unity 3D engine for character and background animations for a game that could have worked just as well as a mostly text-based affair. That's going the extra mile. Congressman Fahey of Georgia will take that into account before selling them out to Big Tobacco.

Fantasy Politics [Facebook]

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