Stolen Pixels Perks Up Fallout 3

Twice this week I have nearly missed my posting slots because I fired up Fallout 3 for just one quick go and got sucked in to the Capital Wasteland. So yeah, good game.

But not a game without its flaws, as "videogame nitpicker" Shamus Young is quick to point out. Shamus writes/photoshops Stolen Pixels - a webcomic made from tweaked screen grabs of games that Shaun uses to poke holes in gaming clichés and the niggling details that annoy him.


Fallout 3 is the latest target of his steely gaze and this week saw a collection of new and improved Perks for the game which had us LOLing about the place in our secret Kotaku chat bunker. The Ron Perlman is a serious candidate for 'Fallout Perk I would love to have in real life' - somewhere between Bloody Mess and Mysterious Stranger.

Stolen Pixels #41: Pick a Perk [The Escapist]

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