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Still Waiting On Ken Levine's Next Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There was some speculation that, since it was a 2K game and we hadn't heard from the man since BioShock, what's become the upcoming Spec Ops title would be the work of Ken Levine and 2K Boston. Well, it's not.

Some had guessed that the initial Spec Ops: The Line trailer was hinting at something more than just your standard modern day shooting affair. And hey, with strangely decomposed bodies and city-sized sand traps, it still is. But with an official name and now an official developer, it's not an X-Com game, and it has nothing to do with BioShock, either.


Instead, it's "just" a Spec Ops game. One with an interesting premise, yes, but still an entry in a series that's not exactly bouncing off the walls with a storied history and worldwide brand recognition.

The studio working on the game, Yager Development, are just as inconspicuous. Despite being formed in 1999, Yager have so far released one game, the "self-titled" Yager, an underwhelming shooter released on the PC and Xbox all the way back in 2003.

So, Ken...still waiting on that X-Com game reveal. What do you guys think 2K Boston are working on, if not this? Freedom Force 3? Two years is an awful long time to pass at a studio without even an announcement...

[Spec Ops, thanks Daniel!]