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The Spike TV Video Game Awards will once again double as as an autumnal E3 as new games are revealed, new trailers unveiled. Halo: Reach is coming. As is whatever this game is, teased first on Kotaku in video below.


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Thoughts? Theories? Is it Ken Levine's new game? Is it BioShock 3? Is it related to anything that shows up in Google when you type in 2K Games and Dubai? We here at Kotaku can only speculate about the secrets the VGA people are holding onto. They won't tell us anything.


The name of the game and gameplay will premiere during the VGAs on December 12 at 8pmET/PT on Spike. A Halo: Reach trailer is also scheduled for the broadcast. reports that this is a teaser for Spec Ops and we can now even watch an August-posted TV commercial for it.

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hehe I know exactly what that game is but I ain't tellin'. Just lettin' you guys know it looked goooood.