Still Having Trouble Connecting To PSN? Try This.

While Sony says the PlayStation Network is up and running following the Christmas attack, some users are still having trouble connecting to services on their PS4. Here's a network setting that's gotten several of our readers up and running again.

What they did was go into the "Network" option under "Settings" in the PS4 menu. Then they selected "Set Up Internet Connection", "Use Wi-Fi" and then "Custom." They found the proper internet connection and filled in the appropriate settings until they got to "MTU Settings". There they clicked the "Manual" option and changed the default value for maximum transmission units from 1,500 to 1,473. Once they completed filling out the settings, they then were able to connect.


Like any fix, this might not work for you. Readers ThatGamingMinecrafter and Liquid-X were able to connect in this fashion, but your mileage may vary.

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