Still Awake? Let's Talk About Video Games!

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Hey guys, you still awake? I am.

Let's put this new Kotaku discussion making machine to the test - by having a discussion, about video games!


I'll get it started.

What is your favorite Final Fantasy and why?

Mine is VI. It was VII as an angst filled teen (of course) but then VI grew on me more and more as I got older. Did you go back for Shadow at the end of the game? Did you even try? If you answered no then you're no friend of mine and you're certainly not worthy of my Genji Gloves, buddy.


My current order is as follows: 6,Tactics, 7, 4, 9, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1

Maybe we can get nine separate threads going in the new system, each one representing a possible choice? (10 if you include Tactics and 11 if you insist on including Chrono Trigger - because someone always does)

Why 9? Because if anyone chooses anything past FFIX as their favorite then they will be banished to the bottom of the new Kotaku commenting hell! It's a special place reserved solely for people who love Final Fantasy XIII.

I honesty have no idea how this works. I haven't slept in more than 30 hours. Let's get to it!

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I always consider Final Fantasy IV quite fondly, and I feel that it has actually held up rather well over the years. Considering how many remakes and re-releases have been done of it, I imagine many others apparently agree.

To me, it's all about the characters interacting in a rather interesting world. For its time, FFIV(FF2 in the states) had a level of nuance and story that was nearly unprecedented. Seen today, much of it is rather expected, but at the time, it was surprising to have a main character that was, in many ways, a bad guy. He turns from evil, but not before destroying a whole town, killing a main character's family, and unknowingly aiding the process of unleashing pure chaos into the world.

It is also significant that you have dramatic, sad moments like Palom and Porom sacrificing themselves to turn to stone and Tellah(my namesake) fighting until his last breath. And who can forget the parents who were corrupted to be monsters against you? The answer isn't in finding a way to save them, as you might expect for a heroic fantasy tale; the answer is in heart-wrenchingly killing them and releasing them from their horrible fate. What an oddly mature concept for a game of the time. Not to mention the villain's arc, which shows a twisted man come to realize the truth about his family and what his true calling is. There is death and betrayal throughout the game as characters face great loss, but they ultimately pull together to do what has to be done. Yet no characters leave unscathed, seeing loss throughout. The toll of fighting for what's right is ever-present.

Story elements aside, the combat is also extremely tight, and with your wide variety of characters, you can cater the party to your liking every step of the way. You can get through simply, or you can focus on the combat, look for many secrets, and really master the game. The versatility of it all inspired many RPGs after it, and the story still resonates today in game narratives.

I have enjoyed almost all Final Fantasy games in their own ways, appreciating what they represent in the larger history of RPGs. But when I think on which is my favorite and which has had the biggest impact on me as a gamer, it has to be Final Fantasy IV, a timeless classic of story and gameplay.