Steve's Top Ten Games Of 2013

In the last 24 hours of the year, I finally got around to making my top ten list for 2013. As a special bonus, I'm including my list of shame for everything I didn't get around to this year.


Yes, since I'm technically a video editor, I decided to do my top ten as a video. Here's the barebones list, in no particular order, for those of you who don't want to watch a video:

  • The Last of Us
  • Battlefield 4
  • Monaco
  • Papers, Please
  • Device 6
  • Gunpoint
  • Candy Box
  • Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
  • Gone Home
  • The Stanley Parable

Honorable mentions go to the two craziest games I've played this year, both with Leo: Tactical Intervention and Just Cause 2 Multiplayer.

Bonus: The list of shame

These are the games that I know I would probably like and didn't get around to playing, or didn't get to play enough of this year:

  • Skulls of the Shogun — I didn't get to play through this game, but I loved what I did play. If you're into turn-based strategy, check it out.
  • Antichamber — I have a feeling this game would make me want to smash my computer, but it also looks fascinating
  • Payday 2 — I've heard mixed things, but I was never able to get a crew together to play. I'm still holding out hope.
  • Metro: Last Light — I loved the original Metro, and I really regret not getting around to playing the sequel
  • State of Decay — I don't feel too horrible about this one since it was another of those surprise games that came out of nowhere, but I'd like to check it out at some point
  • Super Motherload — This game I really can't play because I'll forget to move or eat until I finish the game. I played through a bit and managed to tear myself away, I might go back to it to celebrate the new year.
  • The Wolf Among Us — I've heard nothing but great things about this from friends, and I love The Walking Dead, so I'm looking forward to filling the time between Clementine's adventures learning about fairy tales.


A Clockwork Burning Chrome

Wow, a video editor wrote a better article than Tim Rogers, a supposed writer.

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