Steven Spielberg Is Anime Cute, Apparently

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To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

So, Indiana Jones fever has hit the Bashcraft household! We've been watching all the DVDs recently, and Mini-Bash seems really, really into the movies. He asked me the other day why the guy from Star Wars was Indiana Jones. That was a very proud moment. I told him that I'd get him some of the Hasbro Indy toys for his birthday. When I was a kid, I had several of the Kenner playsets, which were all kinds of fantastic. The Hasbro toys, from what I can tell online, seem very much hit or miss, but I he should enjoy them.


Was explaining to the kid that Steven Spielberg directed the Indiana Jones films and that Spielberg is a big fan of the Hayao Miyazaki film Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro — which Mini-Bash adores. He thought it was pretty cool that Spielberg liked his favorite anime director Miyazaki. Mini-Bash wanted me to Google a picture of Spielberg, so he could see what the filmmaker looked like. Upon seeing the filmmaker, the kid replied:

"Cute! He looks like Totoro!"

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Tim Rogers

I'm glad, for once, that I have not outgrown my post-adolescent hardcore woman-scoring playboy phase; I'm glad that I don't have any children, for once.

In other words, Bashcraft, the sad day is going to come, in the next few weeks, when your son asks you why the HELL Japan is THE ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD where the new Indiana Jones movie is not coming out the week of May 22nd. There'll be no choice — you'll have to tell him the truth.

I absolutely do not envy your position :(

Seriously, look at the release date list. What the hell :(

June 21st

why the hell :(