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So, Indiana Jones fever has hit the Bashcraft household! We've been watching all the DVDs recently, and Mini-Bash seems really, really into the movies. He asked me the other day why the guy from Star Wars was Indiana Jones. That was a very proud moment. I told him that I'd get him some of the Hasbro Indy toys for his birthday. When I was a kid, I had several of the Kenner playsets, which were all kinds of fantastic. The Hasbro toys, from what I can tell online, seem very much hit or miss, but I he should enjoy them.


Was explaining to the kid that Steven Spielberg directed the Indiana Jones films and that Spielberg is a big fan of the Hayao Miyazaki film Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro — which Mini-Bash adores. He thought it was pretty cool that Spielberg liked his favorite anime director Miyazaki. Mini-Bash wanted me to Google a picture of Spielberg, so he could see what the filmmaker looked like. Upon seeing the filmmaker, the kid replied:

"Cute! He looks like Totoro!"

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