Steve Wiebe Gets A Donkey Kong World Record

Steve Wiebe will be taking a crack at Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong world record during this year's E3. To help him warm up, then, he just set a new world mark in Donkey Kong Jnr.


Yes, no doubt spurred on by his recent defeat at the hands of a Mr. Owen Good, Wiebe set a score of 1,139,800, eclipsing the previous record of 1,033,000 held by Ike Hall (who had in turn taken the record off Mitchell).

Twin Galaxies (the body monitoring global arcade high scores) founder Walter Day called it "a profound performance", while the deposed record holder Hall said "I'm definately going to try and reclaim it, but it won't be an easy hill to climb".

Steve Wiebe Takes Donkey Kong Junior World Record With Score of 1,139,800 [Twin Galaxies]

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