Stephen Colbert Tells a Bedtime Story Worthy of Skyrim

Last night on The Report, Stephen Colbert ran his usual gamut of topical issues, from Ron Paul to movie torture to Occupy Wall Street pepper sprayings. But just before he signed off at the end of the show, he told a little bedtime story that Skyrim would surely appreciate.

The story stars a prince named "Dragon" and a dragon named "Wizard," and in it… they… well, it's actually kind of hard to tell the story. I'll just let Stephen do it. (I realize that this doesn't actually have anything to do with Skyrim. I just thought it was funny.)

All this makes me wonder if Colbert is playing any Skyrim, and if he is, what he thinks of it. Also, it makes me want to go rename my own Dovahkiin "Dragon," just to make things a little bit more confusing.


Thanks to Llamar for the tip.

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Not being American, I really don't understand what is funny about this guy. Perhaps I am missing the point.

He just seems like a really boring American TV host like all the others who sit at a table trying to make witty topical jokes but ends up sounding cheesy.