Stephen Colbert Suitably Awed By No Man's Sky

As demonstrated by his Pewdiepie interview earlier this week, Stephen Colbert’s new stint as the host of The Late Show gives him a chance to touch on topics his old gig couldn’t, like video games we wish we could just play already, dammit.


Hello Games’ Sean Murray took to the couch on Friday night to do what he’s become quite adept at doing over the past couple of years—teasing people with an incredible ambitious game they can’t play for themselves yet.

Doing his best to grasp the enormity of the game he could not touch, Colbert called Sean Murray “God” and asked the sort of relevant questions you don’t often get from the mainstream media when covering a video game. Where is it hosted? Is it multiplayer? Why do you hate green pylons?


Sean replied by using developer cheats to hop from planet to planet, naming things after Colbert left and right.

The segment ends with Colbert echoing the thoughts I’ve had immediately following every showing of No Man’s Sky since the first.

“I can’t wait to actually play it. Thanks so much for coming.”

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No Man’s Sky is going to be that game I buy at launch, play for 15 hours and then never touch again.