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Stephen Colbert Explains The 'Real' Reason Activision Bought Candy Crush

Illustration for article titled Stephen Colbert Explains The Real Reason Activision Bought iCandy Crush/i

5.9 billion, spent on a company that’s known for making a match-3 game. Wild, isn’t it? That’s more than Disney spent on Star Wars! How do you explain such a thing?


Stephen Colbert has a theory. It’s a pretty silly theory, but you know what? Maybe he’s onto something.

The best/worst part about this skit, is that I wouldn’t even call a dramatic Candy Crush movie out of the question. I mean, the world was treated to a Battleship movie. There’s gonna be an Angry Birds movie in 2016. Anything is possible in Hollywood now.

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Dinky Earnshaw

I think Candy Crush cost them more than acquiring Blizzard, which is kinda idiotic. I already was questioning the Minecraft $2.5 billion purchase, but this deal is bonkers.