Step Your Avatars Out In Style

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Ski jackets? Boring. What the world wanted were a bunch of nacho hats and aprons with tits on them. What the world gets, however, is the next best thing: a powder blue suit.

Microsoft today added a range of formalwear to the avatar customisation suite. For the men, there's two tuxedos, a fancy shirt and two new formal hats, while for the ladies there's some dressy shoes, some new dresses and a very fetching pair of red sunglasses.

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You know what? Now that I think about it.. Microsoft could have, and still have the option to do so, a much better job as far as the avatars go..

I mean they could allow more customization and general baddassness (Not really a word I know..)

You could truly have a character, that is really unique to you.

I know Microsoft xbox-live division(I actually am not sure who controls the avatar design) can do so much better. Don't let us down?