Steam's Latest Hardware Survey Results Are In

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We've had some bad Steam news today, so let's balance it out with some good news, eh? Valve have released the latest set of results from Steam's hardware survey, giving us perhaps the best snapshot possible of just what the average PC gamer's got to work with. Some of the results (only 0.55% use a 33k modem) are predictable, while others (only 25.68% are on a 16:9 display) are waaaaaay off what most would have put money on. If, you know. You could pop down to the bookies and throw a tenner on the results of a PC hardware survey.


For the full breakdown, hit the link below, but just as a snapshot I've compiled a hypothetical PC using the components most popular amongst the surveyed users:

- 2,048.0 Kbps network speed (31.13% of users)
- 2GB+ RAM (38.19% of users)
- GenuineIntel processor (58.47% of users)
- Single core CPU (59.14% of users)
- 2.3 Ghz to 2.69 Ghz Intel CPU (15.71% of users)
- 250GB+ HDD (32.58% of users)
- NVIDIA GeForce 8800 graphics card (9.35% of users)
- 4:3 display (73.88% of users)
- 1280x960 desktop resolution (39.18% of users)
- Realtek AC97 Audio sound card (17.91% of users)
- Windows XP (80.94% of users)
- System language: English (58.73% of users)


[Valve Summary Data]

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@Lemming: 64-bit Vista is a nightmare if you have a high-end NVIDIA graphics card. Honestly, it runs fine until I actually put some gaming-quality drivers on it, then the entire thing just turns to shit. 32-bit Vista is considerably better, but I still get crashes, even on less demanding games like RtCW. It's just NVIDIA's drivers (although ATI could have the same issue - anyone?), to the best of my knowledge. Really, they blow.