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Steam's Big Holiday Sale Will Stuff Your Digital Stocking

Illustration for article titled Steams Big Holiday Sale Will Stuff Your Digital Stocking

The holiday season is always a time for big savings. Steam is a place where big savings happen. Put the two together and you have some crazy Christmas bargains.


Steam's holiday sale has kicked off a little early this year, with all kinds of tempting deals. Like Mirror's Edge for $5, GTAIV for $7.50 and Defense Grid for $2.50.

That's Mirror's Edge, GTAIV and Defense Grid - three of the finest games of the past two years- all for $15. Crazy.


There are plenty more great deals listed (50% off all Ubisoft games, an Eidos pack with Batman, Mini Ninjas, Deus Ex and Hitman), and plenty more to come until the sale ends on Sunday, January 3.

[Steam Holiday Sale]

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Grrrr! I waited all year for a big discount on GTA IV only to find out the game isn't even available on my region.

Rage. Taking. Over.