Steam Users Are Turning Summer Sale Stickers Into Sex Jokes

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This year’s Steam Summer Sale might not feature a massive-scale co-op game or an ARG, but it does have stickers. That people are using to make porn. Of course.

(This post is probably NSFW, but maybe not???)

If you complete “quests” that more or less amount to trying out basic Steam features (explore your discovery queue, mark a review as helpful, etc), you can unlock digital stickers themed after various games like BioShock, Undertale, and Octodad. You can then array them as you please across a variety of backgrounds to tell your own little stories, which you can display on your Steam profile page. Cute! Damn near wholesome, in fact.


But this is Steam, where innocence goes to die and gain very strong opinions on anime sex games, in that order. So naturally, people are using Steam Summer Sale stickers to make video game characters do the fuck. Redditor pitogiro kicked off a thread that turned into a journey:

Credit: pitogiro.
Credit: CallMeCygnus.
Credit: Vondredx.
Credit: graspee.
Credit: Jorch96.

But it’s not all gravity-defying cockflips and debatably effective zombie blowjobs. Three or four people on the entire planet actually used the stickers to depict things other than sex:

Credit: imFecky.
Credit: kimplix.

And lastly, pure chaos:

Credit: BadWhippet.

Show us your Summer Sale sticker art? I guess? Please stop sexing the zombie, though. He’s had enough. Let him die.

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