Steam Trading Makes Super Monday Night Combat and TF2 Hat-Swappable

The update live now for Super Monday Night Combat introduces Steam Trading (among other upgrades and fixes), which means you can pickup crossover costume items in both this title and Team Fortress 2 for the super low price of nothing.


Four items kick off the "Friendship is Sharing" campaign for Uber Entertainment, two for each game. You unlock the hats and uniforms by reaching certain levels in Super Monday Night Combat. Here is the lowdown.

• The Gunslinger Hat, worn by Sniper in TF2, is unlocked when you get Agent Level 5 in SMNC.
• The Engineer Uniform, worn by Combatgirl in SMNC is yours when you get Agent Level 10.
• The Soldier Uniform and Rocket Launcher is Megabeth's in SMNC once you get Agent Level 15.
• Finally, Pyro will get the Assassin Helmet if you can reach Agent Level 20.


More details, plus full update notes, at the link.

Rule Changes: 5 - 5/10/12 [SMNC Forums]

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I normally don't like games like this, nor do I enjoy having a scoreboard of wins and losses displayed to my face, that's why I stopped playing LoL.

But honestly I've been having a blast with this game, and although I've only played 12 matches, 50/50, I can say I see it's potential for a time killer for me if it gets updates like tf2 does.

Side note, heres a cap from a match I just played, last week I was playing Karl, tonight was my first go with Megabeth, and I can say I think it went quite well. I like her moves.

I'm Lumpy Space Pyro on steam.