Steam Sold Out Of Prey, Please Try Again Later

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One of the advantages of digital distribution is that you'll never run into a sold out sign - or so we thought. Steam seems to have completely run out of 2K's Prey. Who knew?


2K's futuristic alien shooter Prey was part of the ongoing Steam end-of-the-year sale, until they ran out. That's right, Steam is completely sold out of a downloadable title, running out of keys for the game before the sale could run its course. How does this happen? Well this is speculation, but I would assume a game like Prey requires some sort of CD key, which are generated by the company selling it on Steam, and there is a finite number of them available.

That, or they were stolen by key gnomes. Goddamned key gnomes.

It isn't a total loss, however. 2K has replaced Prey in the sale with 75% off of BioShock. $4.99 BioShock trumps Prey at any price.

Thanks to everyone who sent in this tip, especially Klaus, who saved me the trouble of pressing the print screen button.


I personally still love steam. I love being able to buy games online and download them right then and there, and I love being able to delete and redownload games later. Probably my favorite function is the auto-patcher.

As much as I love Valve, Steam support in general seems lackluster. There's lots of games on there that I've bought recently (such as GTA4 and The Force Unleashed) that didn't work without me having to do some research and tweaks (such as setting compatibility mode on the GTA4 executable to run it in Vista).

Running out of keys was surprising to me, but I wouldn't call it Steam's fault, though it'd be nice to mention that there are limited quantities.