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Steam Machines Can Support Up To 16 Players In The Same Room

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Steam Machine's controller - and that's a prototype shot of its new design up top - isn't designed to be a loner. Indeed, if developers want to push the limits, it'll be part of a multiplayer experience not seen in almost a decade.


Flying in the face of a rush towards online multiplayer, people are reporting from Valve's developer get-together this week (and we've heard the same thing from attendees) that Steam Machines will also support up to 16 controllers on the one device. That's...insane.

Think Bomberman. Or FIFA. Or some nightmarishly modded version of Smash Bros. Or a 4x4 game of Halo.


Or...some new kind of amazing local multiplayer experience so cool we don't even know about it yet.

Now all you'll need is to find a room big enough to actually hold 16 people...

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Image: Sergey Galyonkin