Remember Steam's tag feature, which lets users label games with anything they'd like—provided the tags aren't abusive or spoilery? They've struck again, and this time, their target is Call of Duty.

If you look at Call of Duty's Steam page right now, you'll come across this (click to expand to see the text clearly):


Notice the tags? Kawaii, point & click, and so on? People decided to label Call of Duty that stuff. And if you click to see what other tags people are using, you'll see this:

And thanks to those tags, when you try to look at more games that are like Call of Duty, Steam recommends these titles:


Some of these recommendations make sense—like other Call of Duty games, or maybe Wolfenstein. But Putt Putt and Freddi Fish? Ha. Oh, Steam. Just goes to show, even unreleased games aren't safe from Steam player's wrath.

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