Steam Greenlight Users React to "Gayest Game Ever Made"

What you'll initially notice about My Ex-Boyfriend The Space Tyrant is one of two things: the "Approved for distribution by the Ministry of Homosexual Pornography" screen on the trailer, or the sometimes nearly naked hot men prancing about. This, I assume, is intentional—the recently-launched Steam Greenlight page boasts that My Ex-Boyfriend is the "gayest game ever made."


The users on Steam Greenlight have noticed, and the games' page is full of people arguing about homosexuality. Here's a small sample of the responses, which range from endorsement for the game to disgust that something like it could exist.



Games are meant to be diverse, and I so I would much like more games to embrace subjects like these in different ways. A comical/sketched way like this is pretty entertaining, but other genres should have their way with this as well. Wouldn't have minded gay marriage in Skyrim, or development in relationsships in that game in general. Upvoted.


Unless someone can give a specific reason why this game, and it's gay theme, should NOT be on Steam, upvote it. Give it the same chance any "straight" game filled with babes and tits has.

Gunnar Clovis:

Haha; I'm not homosexual, but I am all for this game. Good for you; the world needs some gayness in gaming, as it is so dominized by this noninclusive game design. This is just, fantastic. I'll play it; as it appears to me to simply be just homosexuality in a comedic storyline, not a "gay porno" as Blujay puts it. Yes, heterosexual males typically are not expected to enjoy a homosexual piece of pornography, but this is a humorous point-and-click adventure game, not porn.




I just have to say, as a gay gamer, no.


Because he's "that gay guy". You know the kind- that would wear daisy dukes in space. I could be wrong. You might be that type of gay yourself, and would like to see a gay hero in a video game like that.

However, until we have a gay character in a game that is there with a purpose, and not there just for the sake of being the queer one in, this just will not do! I don't agree that the first gay game should involve gay romance. To me, it's the same sin Tera holds. When WILL we, as homosexuals, EVOLVE. Our sexuality is a sum of our parts- it should not be the whole.

I feel bad for "Brian", the gay male that waited all his life to play this game. Long wait.

All I'm saying is, do you REALLY think Dr. Martin Luther King JR would have been taken seriously with short shorts and pink angel wings on his back?

This feel more like "a background with a character" and not "a character with a background.



This looks like this will be a gay version Leisure Suit Larry which is why I won't buy this no matter how smart or dumb the humor is. While I don't condemn Homosexuality but lets be honest, a strait guy wouldn't enjoy a gay porno unless the porn stars were women or it had a really good story. The devolopers are probably not intending for strait people to like game.



Upvoting just to piss off the right wing religous nutjobs out there.

Hate + WTF responses

Master Zone:

This game makes me want to projectile vommet... If it did not, then I would be gay, but I am not gay.



If this was lesbians it would be awesome, but its not. Get this shit off steam please.



Get rid of this fag shit.


this game is not for me, and by that i mean full of simple primary colour art and pop culture references...

oh and it looks pretty gay


The responses go on for dozens of pages, with some folk going so far as to report the adventure game for its "sexual content." Judging from the trailer alone, their reaction seems to refer to the scantily clad men in the game. Last year, a "sex game" got pulled off Steam because according to Valve, "Steam has never been a leading destination for erotic material."


If you're curious about My Ex-Boyfriend, there's freely-available a demo here.



Being gay is against my religion so I think that nobody is allowed to be gay. If somebody should be gay it's oppression against the people of my religion.