Steam Game Lets You Drop From Space To Earth

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Space Engineers is a tremendously popular Steam construction game. In a few days, it’s adding planets. Wanna get out of your spaceship and freefall through the atmosphere to a planet’s surface, without a single loading screen? Be my guest.


To announce the long-awaited addition of hulking landmasses to Space Engineers’ galaxy, developer Keen Software House dropped the following video:

Dang. Hell of a fall, that.

Here’s a nutty detail: that video was running at 4x normal game speed. That means pseudo-suicidal leaps like this one will, in (virtual) reality, take approximately four minutes.


Granted, it probably won’t be in your best interest to do this—at least, in Space Engineers’ survival mode. Still, I think this is Keen Software House’s way of driving home a point: planets will be pretty darn massive. So yeah, probably don’t look down.

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Would gravity be that strong at that high of an orbit? Or rather, would the guy stepping off not just float away horizontally?