Steam Drops Major Audiosurf Update

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Audiosurf players are urged to log into the Steam service today, as a massive international patch is released, fixing bugs and adding new functionality to the popular indie music game.


The new international update for Audiosurf is now available on Steam. Simply open up the Steam client, and watch it make patching magic. A slew of new features have been added to the game, with full Unicode support, a minimal detail setting for netbook play, and Russian localization, just to name a few. The Freeride feature in the game has also received two new modes - Autopilot, which is rather self-explanatory, and Visualizer, which adds pretty graphics to the mix.

Along with the new features come several bug fixes, which I won't tell you about, falling back on that old standard of posting all of the details below. Too busy playing Audiosurf to worry about it.


Audiosurf International Update Changelist:

New Features
Unicode support throughout
Visualizer mode added to freeride
Autopilot mode added to freeride
Added Minimal detail setting (for netbooks)
Now shows the position and username of other players riding the same song
Added Russian localization
Old radio files are now automatically deleted
[as-steep] tag added to shape slower songs into more exciting rides
Can now force fullscreen at startup in config.ini
Added "jump to letter" support in song browser
Eraser characters now erase instantly

Resolved nvidia SLI crash
Resolved ati catalyst 9.1 crash
Fixed rare pop-in bug with blocks
Fixed Wildstorm dropping into random column
Fixed missing text on some ati cards
Removed anti-aliasing options
Re-aligned medal revealer
Fixed bug in reading some m3u playlist files

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Darrisbob1 - ☆彡

I love playing my Jpop songs on Audiosurf...

Can anyone say Causal Champion for The Pillows - Hybrid Raindow?

Oh, hellz yes...