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Steam Cross-Game Trading Goes Live, Adds Portal 2 and Spiral Knights

Your Team Fortress 2 hat surplus can now be put to better use, thanks to newly out-of-beta Steam Trading features. Valve's new cross-game trading tech is now available in TF2, Portal 2 and Sega's Spiral Knights. [TF2 Blog]


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So according to Steam, I played Spiral Knights for 2 hours (which felt like 4), back during the Steam Summer Sale, when they added an achievement to Spiral Knights which would give you a ticket for the Steam Summer Sale.

I found the experience very depressing, but I'm not entirely sure how much of that was the game, and how much of that was deep shame over the fact that I was playing the game purely for the achievement.

Still, I think most of my depression stemmed from the game itself. Surely there are better free-to-play MMOs out there? Lord of the Rings Online? Conan? I'm going to give my brief impressions of the game, and if I'm way off the mark, feel free to correct me.

From what I played of it, nothing grabbed me, because it seemed like endless grind with little-to-no context. It reminded me a bit of Dark Cloud for the PS2, in that you don't level up your character, but instead you craft, and then level up your equipment. And the actual dungeon design is like super easy Link to the Past movement and puzzles. But that's sorta it. As a result, there aren't any character skills I could see, so there didn't seem to be classes. Everybody kinda plays the same. You go into dungeons, you slash guys.

The storyline was paper-thin. There didn't seem to be any quests, so all you really did was go on a random dungeon crawl, hoarding more currency and loot. The art style was alright, though a little too Marvin the Martian for my tastes.

But, like a lot of Asian free-to-play MMOs, the whole thing just seemed like a vehicle to get microtransactions out of players, in that there just wasn't much interesting content to see.

But there is a lot of grinding, and if you're the kind of player who can get sucked into games like that, that's where they get you. You can't endlessly grind. You can only play the game for a couple hours before running out of game time, and then needing to either wait 24 hours for it to recharge, or buying more game time with real life currency.

I just didn't feel the need to ever click on the game again after spending the 2 hours getting the Steam Summer Sale achievement like the filthy person that I am.