Counter-Strike Player Strolls Into Heavily Guarded Bomb Site, Defuses Bomb

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For your Friday afternoon viewing pleasure, a Counter-Strike bomb defusal so tense that I recommend consuming it alongside your Friday afternoon whiskey.

1Relyks posted a video in which he manages to sneak right past the terrorist team—mere feet behind them, at times—and defuse the bomb. The last handful of seconds is nuts. The enemy team is preoccupied, but not, you know, blind. They could turn and defuse his hopes and dreams at any second:

Buuuuuut, against all odds he makes it to the bomb, tosses down a smoke grenade, and gets the defuse as the other team sprays “oh shit oh shit oh shit” bullets into his cloud. He does this because he is, presumably, some kind of counter-terrorism warlock who moves outside time and space.


And then everyone unclinches their fists and takes a deep breath. That was your final test. Congratulations, you have made it to the weekend.

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