Stay Up Past Your Curfew

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An authoritarian state. The future. Whom can you trust?

Britain's Channel 4 has launched browser game The Curfew. In it, players are given data that could bring down the regime and find refuge in a safe house, which is being occupied by four individuals: the immigrant, the dissident, the ex-cop, and the youth.


The Curfew was written by Marvel writer and game critic Kieron Gillen. It was spearheaded by former Kotaku alum Alice Taylor and developed by Littleloud.

Give it a whirl in the link below. It's been eating up my work day!

Play Curfew [Official Site]



It certainly looks good but it seems that I am stuck in a bug that will not let me progress during the immigrant play through which is frustrating. Shame really since everything up to this point has been fun.

To be fair it is still in beta and does let users know this.