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Ah, Halloween. You Americans really have the right idea. While we Brits are bobbing for apples and being angrily told that there will be neither trick nor treat, thank you very much, you lot are going full on with the mainstream cosplay - pirates, vampires, pop-culture icons - and for the ladies.. the same, but with a Sexy prefix. That said, it might be a bit cold for this particular outfit. While recent weeks have seen Pac-Man iconography take the world of high fashion by storm the lower-rent, novelty end of the rag trade was not to be left out. This tasteful little number from 'lingerie and sexy costumes' outlet goes by the lawyer-friendly moniker "Miss Video Game". They do a Chun Li outfit too. Just sayin'. Actually, it is possible that this isn't one of their 'Sexy Halloween' costumes at all but rather falls under the "Lingerie and sexy costumes for an enchanted evening of romance and make believe" category - in which case, what the hell are you making believe? Only At 3Wishes [ via Joystick Division]

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