To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: Heathrow

Ah, yes. London. Fine place. I've only been there twice — would love to go back!

Still busy packing for our big move. One concern about the new place: Bugs. We're moving to the mountains, and as you are certainly aware, once you move out of the city, the population of people decreases, but the population of insects increases.

I'm personally not afraid of bugs. Granted, that doesn't mean I'm up for some serious Temple of Doom kinda shit, but a random creepy crawly outside is a-okay. Where we live there are few bugs, because everything is covered in concrete. Mmm concrete.

Being very much urban dwellers, Mrs. Bashcraft and Mini-Bash are somewhat worried about insects. I can understand being worried about, say, killer bees or disease-carrying mosquitos and being grossed out by roaches or afraid of large spiders, but aren't most other insects harmless?

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