Illustration for article titled Starting Today, Read The Digital Comics Financed By Mark Waid’s One-of-a-Kind Collection

You might've heard about how Mark Waid—veteran writer behind the awesome, on-going run of Daredevil—was selling off his massive comics collection to help finance a new digital comics intiative.

Well, Thrillbent—the site that Waid is spearheading—has launched today, with two offerings written by him that you can read for free. Insufferable tells the story of an obnoxious sidekick who grows up to treat his mentor like dirt while Luther focuses on a slower-than-average guy who cleans up corpses after a zombie apocalypse.


They're both really good in ways you might not be expecting at first and use the digital platform to good effect. It's theground floor of a big gamble but, since it's Mark Waid, it'll probably pay off in spades.


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