Start Kicking Ass 6/10ths of a Second Faster when Street Fighter X Tekken's "Version 2013" Arrives

OMFG, you guys are not going to believe what Street Fighter X Tekken has in store for you with its 2013 Version. New characters? Alternate costumes? A bunch of shit already locked on the disc? Nope, nope, and nope.


Get ready because you will be able to initiate unobscured combat 0.666666666667 seconds faster once the 2013 Version arrives. That's right, the "FIGHT!" command is gonna get the hell out of the way that much more quickly. Oh guess what else? Close-ups are eliminated to speed up battles and for easier combo timing! I know, right?

[CORRECTION] This video runs at 29.97 frames per second, which means the graphic gets the hell out of the way 0.667334 seconds faster.

Now hold on, let's slow down. Specifically we mean let's slow down recoverable health, because it's gonna take twice as long to regenerate one... thing of health (look at that grid at 0:50. I mean, look at it! It takes, hell, I don't know, twice as long to recover health?) But hey, FOOLED YOU because slowing this down means they're actually SPEEDING the tempo of the game up.

What else? Well Angel Knee Ascension can be jump canceled for new combo possibilities! Shippu Jinraikyaku range and damage increased! EX Kunai now cancels into itself! Goddamn! My nipples are hard!

See for yourself in that five-minute video jampacked with minute details. Hot damn, this is going to be the most fine-tuned Street Fighter X Tekken ever. Oh yeah, this is a title update, which means the thing is free when it arrives Jan. 29.


I got your back on this one. There are way too many exclamation points for this. Changes like this usually show up as a changelog file in plaintext for other games =P