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Starhawk Lets Two Players Sign In On One PS3 for Splitscreen Mayhem

Illustration for article titled emStarhawk/em Lets Two Players Sign In On One PS3 for Splitscreen Mayhem

People love their splitscreen, don't they? When a deeply desired game releases without it, the moaning and bitching goes on for days.


You won't need to grumbles about Starhawk, though. It's been announced that the Lightbox Interactive third-person shooter will feature co-op and competitive splitscreen play, with support for dual log-in. That means you and a buddy can team up for the game's unique build-and-battle skirmishes from the comfort of the same couch. The player two in this scenario won't earn Trophies but XP still get saved to your profile. Starhawk's out on May 8th. Will this feature change your mind about picking it up?

Starhawk Brings Back Splitscreen Head-to-Head and Co-op Multiplayer [PlayStation Blog]

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Nice bit of news, especially for dual logging in. That's a rare feature for PS3 games. However, it is technically inferior to what Warhawk offered, which is disappointing. Warhawk had freaking 4-player splitscreen with simultaneous online play and didn't hiccup at all in terms of graphics and framerate, while this spiritual sequel has two. I know Warhawk didn't support dual logins, but the fact that it was and still is one of the few games with 4-player spliscreen and simultaneous online play made it such an technical achievement and just so much fun to play. Speaking of which, the developers are also awfully quiet about offline couch splitscreen play. If they limit it to just two players, I will go berserk. Warhawk was a load of fun for me thanks to four player splitscreen, offline and they shouldn't cut down the experience.