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Starfield Might Have Teased The Elder Scrolls VI Setting

If you look closely at the starship control panel, you'll find a possible clue

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: Bethesda

It’s been three years since Bethesda officially announced The Elder Scrolls VI with a short teaser trailer, and we still don’t know anything else about the game. But one eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted an Easter egg placed in yesterday’s Starfield teaser that could be a reference to the next Elder Scrolls game’s location.

The secret can be found around halfway through the trailer. A Redditor going by the username Huhwtfbleh spotted a curious etching in the scene where the space-suited pilot enters a cockpit. You can see it for yourself starting from the 1:17 mark, tucked underneath the left screw on the right side of the control panel.

The carving appears to be an outline of Iliac Bay in the northwest part of Tamriel, the continent on which the Elder Scrolls series is set. Another Redditor in the thread posted a screenshot of the trailer in 4K, while yet another took that screenshot and made a side-by-side comparison with a map of Iliac Bay.


If this little drawing is indeed a clue, then it suggests The Elder Scrolls VI could take place in the provinces of High Rock or Hammerfell (or both). The Easter egg doesn’t line up 1:1 to the actual map of Iliac Bay, but it’s certainly compelling.

Unfortunately, this is also the only, highly speculative morsel of information that Elder Scrolls fans got in E3. The Elder Scrolls community on Reddit watched the beginning of every E3 trailer with enthused anticipation hoping to get an update, any sort of update, about the next game. They even hoped that the vampire co-op shooter Redfall was the official title of The Elder Scrolls VI, or at least a spin-off. Alas, it was not.


It looks like Skyrim and its many mods will have to hold everyone over for a few more years. Better luck next time, guys.