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Prey Devs Are Making A Vampire Shooter

Arkane Austin's next game is all about blasting vampires with your friends

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Xbox closed out its E3 2021 presentation by revealing Redfall, the next game from Prey developer Arkane Austin. It’s coming to Xbox Series X/S in summer 2022 and will be available through Game Pass at launch.

While another co-op shooter doesn’t sound immediately inventive or creative as previous Arkane Austin projects, Redfall sports a really nice aesthetic that mixes stylish and creepy for a unique look. And of course, there’s a bunch of millennial-esque banter between the protagonists to make them more relatable.

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“In Redfall, you’ll choose from a lineup of unconventional heroes, each with their own unique abilities and specialized weaponry, and face off against the bloodsucking legions threatening the island,” said Anne Lewis, senior content manager at Bethesda Softworks. “You can go it alone, building your chosen character around solo play, or you can select the perfect character to round out a roster of heroes in up to four-player co-op.”


Redfall’s four playable characters all come with unique abilities to enhance their vampire-hunting quest. Layla Ellison, for instance, is a powerful telekinetic, while Jacob Boyer is a sharpshooter with a mysterious vampiric eye and a spectral raven. There’s even a good deal of sci-fi mixed in with the horror: Remi de la Rosa has a robotic companion named Bribón and Devinder Crousley is an inventor who previously made a name for himself as an internet personality investigating paranormal incidents.

“We wanted players to have an Arkane experience, but with the option of playing with friends this time,” added Ricardo Bare, co-creative director on Redfall. “As a result, we thought going for heroes with strong personalities and distinctive backgrounds would make for a stronger game. We think players are going to enjoy not only the interaction of their various abilities as they fight the vampires, but also seeing their chemistry develop over time as they liberate Redfall.”