While Blizzard do a better job than many other game developers in getting toys based on their games out to the masses, some people still prefer to forgo official figures and make their own stuff.

Sculptor and custom toy creator Chris Hooton spent two months making this one-of-a-kind "Queen of Blades" figure, going to such extremes as laying each of her "hairs" individually, applying 29 different paint applications and is entirely hand-sculpted.

As in, this isn't an existing figure modified to look like Starcraft's Kerrigan; it's an all-new toy, built from the ground up.

It stands 18" tall and 12" wide, and you can buy it...well, nowhere. It's a one-of-a-kind!

Starcraft II Kerrigan Zerg Queen of Blades 12" custom statue [Sabretooth's Workshop, thanks John!]