StarCraft's Medic Is Joining Heroes Of The Storm

It’s seemed like as natural a fit as there possibly could be, but Heroes of the Storm fans haven’t known for sure if Blizzard was going to transform the Terran Medic unit from StarCraft into a full-fledged MOBA character. Now, they do.

Blizzard revealed the Medic as the latest confirmed character addition for HOTS today at Gamescom during a live-streamed presentation, saying that she’s going to be a support hero.


Well, duh. The part that’s actually surprising is her ability kit (or part of it at least). In addition to healing and shielding allies and tossing out grenades at opponents she’ll be able to summon a medivac into the fight as one of her heroic moves.

Medivacs, if you don’t know, are a flying unit in StarCraft II that functions both as a dropship to transport ground units and as a healer. They way it will work in Heroes of the Storm is: when casting it, the Medic will be able to transport herself and a teammate to another point on the map.


This rapid-fire duo-transportation mechanic opens up a wealth of new tactical possibilities in HOTS. Seeing the way that the League of Legends champion Tahm Kench has used his similar ability in that game, I can already imagine HOTS players teaming up with their medic to execute ambushes, dash out of a fight, or drop themselves into the thick of the action to help an ally (or several) in need.

As for other Heroes of the Storm content, Blizzard said that it expects that the upcoming Diablo III monk character named Kharazim and the new map they just announced to come out as early as next Monday.

No clear release dates on the other upcoming characters, including the medic. But they did have this teaser to show off some new heroes, hero skins, and mounts they’re working on:

Including this, uh, well...technically it’s supposed to be a treasure goblin, but really it just looks like a person riding on top of another person.


Something about this makes me feel like I need an adult.

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